LACTIC ACID - (50-21-5)


prénom: lactic acid; 2-hydroxypropanoic acid
Numero CAS: 50-21-5
Formule chimique: C3H6O3 or CH3CH(OH)COOH
Masse molaire: 90.07794 g
Pourcentage de masse: C 40.001 %; H 6.7137 %; O 53.285 % 
isomères:  2-methoxyacetic acid  •  1,3-dihydroxyacetone


Usages / Fonction

• "It occurs in sour milk from fermentation of lactose, and it is formed in muscles during the anaerobic cell respirationthat occurs during strenuous exercise. It is also formed during anaerobic muscle activity when glucose cannot be changed to pyruvic acid in glycolysis. It contributes to muscle fatigue. Lactic acid milk (buttermilk or acidophilus milk) helps to prevent the growth of putrefactive bacteria in the large intestine." 1


Obligations doubles: 1
Obligations Triple: 0
Obligations Sigma: 11
Obligations Pi: 1
Total: 12
carboxyl Groupes: 1
Les groupes hydroxylés: 1
Hybridation: double bonded carbon and oxygen are sp2; all other carbons and oxygens are sp3

Pour plus d'informations


(1) - Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 18th ed.; F. A. David Company: Philadelphia, PA, 1997; p 22.