MUSTARD GAS - (505-60-2)


Name: mustard gas; bis(2-chloroethyl) sulfide; 1,5-dichloro-3-thiapentane
CAS Number: 505-60-2
Chemical Formula: C4H8Cl2S
Molar Mass: 159.07732 g
Mass Percent: C 30.200 %; H 5.0689 %; Cl 44.573 %; S 20.156 % 


• organic


• "Virtually the only use for mustard gas is as a chemical agent in warfare. But, interestingly enough, the compound has been used in one other very different way: in the treatment of cancer. The husband and wife medical team of E.B. and H.D. Krumbhaar discovered in 1919 that mustard gas was effective in treating cancer in experimental animals. (They called the compound by its then-popular name, yellow cross gas.) The compound was one of the first chemicals to be used in the treatment of cancer. Researchers continued to study the cancer-fighting properties of mustard has for more than twenty years, but the compound has never been widely used for that purpose." 1


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(1) - Schlager, Neil, Weisblatt, Jayne, Newton, David E., and Montney, Charles B. Chemical Compounds Vol. 1; Thomson-Gale: Detroit, MI, 2006; pp 6-7.